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Northern California Aviation Accident Lawyer

Haberkorn & Associates - Fighting for Fair Compensation in Aviation Accidents

Statistically, flying is the safest way to travel. While your chances of being in a car accident are an average of 1 in 5,000, your chances of being involved in a plane crash are 1 in 11 million. Accidents still happen, however, and those involved should do everything they can to obtain adequate compensation for their suffering and injuries. Aviation accidents can have devastating and often permanent results, so speak with a Northern California aviation attorney right away to learn what damages you can recover through a claim.

At Haberkorn & Associates, I have the experience and training to thoroughly investigate your plane accident and determine exactly how much damages you have suffered. This way I can fight for fair compensation and win the payout you deserve. Aviation accidents are traumatizing and you are likely overwhelmed after the experience, but it is vital to retain an attorney as soon as possible to strengthen your case and represent you in court. Contact my offices right away for the support and counsel you need, as well as aggressive representation for any of the following aviation accident cases.

Aviation Accidents: Practice Areas

There are numerous types of accidents that my firm is prepared to handle. Most plane crashes are general aviation accidents involving small planes. Due to the size of the aircrafts involved, as well as the nature of the impact, these crashes almost always result in catastrophic injury, or even wrongful death. When an accident victim suffers from broken bones, brain injury or spinal cord injury, they may be subjected to pain or loss of mobility for an extended time. In severe cases, a person may even suffer permanent brain damage or paralysis and have to undergo regular medical treatment. These can be expensive, so be sure to retain an attorney who will fight for the recovery of both present and future damages.

My firm could also represent you in a charter/tourist plane crash case, or after a commercial plane accident. One of the most important aspects of an aviation accident case is the investigation process, which helps in proving the cause of the crash and establishes liability so compensation can be obtained. Also, if you are an employee and your accident occurred over the ocean during a commercial transoceanic flight, you may be able to file a claim under the Jones Act depending on the circumstances, so consult with a lawyer today.

Most plane and helicopter crashes are the result of a pilot error and weather conditions. Others are caused by air traffic control errors, which may result from a fatigue, distraction, stress or understaffing of ATC employees. In any of these situations, I could investigate the cause of your crash and assist you in obtaining the compensation you need to cover your damages. Call my firm today to schedule at consultation and find out exactly how I could fight for you.

Contact an Aviation Accident Attorney in Northern California

Haberkorn & Associates is experienced in aviation accident cases and could provide the skilled representation you need. Plane crashes are unique and require the representation of an attorney who can prove liability in the case. I could investigate the cause of your crash and fight aggressively to recover the full amount of your damages. My firm also strives to support and guide each client through this stressful time from their initial consultation all the way through the completion of their case. Call today for a consultation to find out what my firm could do for you!

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